About Us

Digiquest Integrated Services Ltd was established to provide one of the most needed tools in Telemetry, i.e Navigators using Geographic Information System (GIS) and security equipments with emphasis on vehicle tracking, monitoring and control solutions that a nation must have to achieve its potential in increasing security and economic development. Ordinarily, people rely on use of pedal locks and manual security for their vehicles. They also rely on hearsay, paper maps or other tedious methods in order to locate an object or place of interest for personal, business, and governmental purposes, a significant reason for low productivity in our continent, Africa.

We are in the business of delivering vehicle security and monitoring solutions, using digital maps, GIS information for personal and commercial applications as well as vehicle and fleet management applications.

Digiquest offers Navigational services, fleet and vehicle management applications, integrated RFID (Radio frequency Identification)/GPS (Global Positioning System) application for inventory management or asset location applications in addition to the various GIS (Geographic Information System) services that could be provided.

Our Clientele

Digiquest Integrated Services Ltd has recorded huge success in delivering its unique services and sale of its products. Its clientele include but not limited to:

  • NNPC
  • BPE
  • OYSG
  • NDIC