Our range of services is as follows:

  • Fleet/vehicle management Solution & services (Tracking).
  • GPS Street-Level Navigation
  • Provision of digital maps


Fleet Management

This is a comprehensive, vehicle, driver and goods monitoring, control and management. It’s an effective low cost operation for fleet and logistic operators, corporate organisations and agencies, Government agencies and Haulage companies. In addition to the facilities of tracking service, fleet management can be customized for operation of individual user organisation.
The essence of telemetry and use of location based services (LBS) is to enhance security, efficiency and reduce operation cost. In addition, it also enhances effective monitoring and control of personnel and assets.


GPS Street-Level Navigation

The Navigator is valuable equipment with touch screen abilities that can show street maps via Satellite connectivity. It comes with preloaded city map of Nigeria in plug-in SD cards, with a touch of the color sunlight readable screen to enter a destination. Digiquest GPS Navigators offer and have the following advantages:

  • It helps to find addresses, ultimately, in over 200 Nigerian cities, of which we have the digital MAP data.
  • There are millions of Points Of Interests(POIS) on the navigator like Banks, Hospitals, Police Stations, Schools, Fire Stations, Government buildings, super market and shops that can be accessed by the touch of a button and the navigator leads to them.
  • The navigator talks to you and gives audio directions (without you looking at the screen).


Provision of Digital Maps and GIS Services

This includes the provision of detailed digital maps of Nigeria such as Topographic maps, street-leveled maps and POI’s (Points of interests) for planning purposes . Such information could be used in generating data for Building Information System (BIS) to help in property enumeration, Geographic Information System (GIS).
The GIS services help the government, private sectors and individuals to

  • harness land, develop land Information System
  • Locate land marks with ease (Point of Interest) etc.


Benefits of using our services;

  • Internet Tracking: we offer real- time tracking, i.e. you have complete control of your vehicles by monitoring its activities on-line.
  • With the enable/disable facilities, theft and misuse of automobiles and other assets will be reduced.
  • With its effective work distribution and monitoring, staff productivity will be enhanced.
  • Reduce cost with fuel sensor to monitor fuel loading and usage.
  • Safe-guards vehicles by monitoring maintenance, as well as on time information during accident or theft.
  • Customized reports for various departments e.g. Admin/Finance etc.
  • Accident dispute can be managed better by monitoring speed and driving habit of the driver.
  • Speed: it has a perfect fast speed in operation between user and vehicle.
  • Uses SMS and Internet for presenting reports.
  • SMS alert: receive additional SMS for specified events on your vehicle.